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Committed to Caring For Souls

Our Story:

We had both been walking with the Lord for many years when on the same night in different locations we prayed for a godly partner in life.  God answered that prayer the very next day.  We have been growing individually and together in Him.  We knew from the start that God had a ministry plan for us as a couple.  He began to reveal that plan to us as He gave us individually and as a couple the call to serve on the mission field.  We are walking in obedience to that call.

Our Ministry:

After a long career in the entertainment industry Terry went to graduate school for his degree in counseling while Kari pursued her graduate degree in ministry and specialized in chaplaincy.  God has given both of us a burden to help those that are hurting through extending the presence of the Lord with people we come alongside.  For us, joining the work at the Oasis Center in Madrid is a place where the need meets our calling, gifts, talents, and experience.  We believe how we walk with the broken is more important than how we sit with the great.

Terry And Kari Golden Hour
Terry Reading From


Terry and Kari have been a blessing in my faith walk, answering the questions I’ve had, whether difficult or easy. With so very few people in this world that are TRUE, Terry and Kari Crisp are who I trust to help guide me to Jesus.

Edward S. Matayka

Staff Sargent (retired), US Army

Over the years we have journeyed with Terry and Kari there has been increasing evidence of their intense love for God and desire to minister His love to people. Their love for God has motivated them to pursue His will for their lives and an unwavering desire to obey what they believe to be His assignments. This has not always been comfortable or convenient but never deterred them from following the Lord’s leading. Their hearts and homes have been open to minister to the spiritual, emotional and physical needs of the people the Holy Spirit brought into their lives with the desire to produce disciples that would in turn make disciples to the glory of God.

Don and Janet Thomason

Retired Missionaries, YWAM

I serve as pastor of Gateway Fellowship Bandera during the time Terry and Kari Crisp called our church their home. During that time I am most grateful for being able to grow in knowing them and becoming closer friends with them. Being able to know them well afforded me the opportunity to see just how the Lord was transforming their lives in such profound ways. While they were here they were our strongest small group, which made it bitter sweet to see them go, because the Lord used them to impact many lives in our community.

They also got a sincere burden for the unreached overseas. So to still hear from them, seeing how the Lord has continued to lead them to this point is so encouraging. As their former pastor, it is an honor to endorse them for whatever the Lord has before them.

Nick Manfred

Campus Pastor , Gateway Fellowship Church Bandera

Kari is not afraid to confront God about her fears and hesitation for pastoral caregiving and she will keep going until their not only is peace but empowerment. This spiritual resource is certainly one of Kari’s foundations, as well as her knowledge of the behavioral sciences, and both were cornerstones of her ministry during the chaplain residency.

Vaugan Grant

ACPE Supervisor, Florida Hospital

Terry Golden Hour Head shot

Terry Crisp

Kari Large Head shot

Kari Crisp